Enable video/DVD-in-motion (CIC/NBT iDrive only) Disable iDrive legal disclaimer on start-up (“press accept” message) Disable speed locks (BT pairing, owner’s manual, etc.) Disable other disclaimers (for PDC, rear-view camera, etc.) Show individual tire pressures and temperatures in TPMS display screen. Bimmercode Expert Mode Cheat Sheet. Bimmerpost ☰ Model Selection. 1. F40Model Year: 2019 + ... Just wondering if anyone has a cheat sheet for coding using Bimmercode on the G20. ... 2020 BMW 330i xDrive 2018 Audi SQ5 Prestige 2017 Audi A7 Prestige. Appreciate 4 pneumodoc 209.00. E-Sys_ Coding – VCM_UserManual_v1-1.4 FA (VO) Step-By-Step (MWPos) 8-24-2013 I-Levels Installing E-SYS Fxx Cheat Sheets INFO: (PDF and MP4) Automotive professional noun abbreviations in BMW BMW Codes BMW E60 Secret menu BMW FSC Code Generator bmw hex codes. BMW iDrive Hidden Menu howto BMW -Hex-Codes E90 CIC info F10_CheatSheet_V3.0. Connect to your car if you haven't done so already (button with the two little dark blue computers at the top). 2. Select "Expert Mode" on the left pane and click on the "Coding" button. 3. In Vehicle Order Box (upper left), click on the "Read" button - this will display the FA of your car. 4.

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